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PowerVu.HomeEdition is a CPU & GPU based PowerVU brute force application.

- Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (X64 & X86 Versions)

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

.NET framework is part of the OS these days. If you have installed Win10.x, you already have .NET 4.6.
Also Win8.x comes with .NET 4.5 and if you have not turned off Windows updates, you should have the latest .NET 4.5.x by default.

Log EMM's of your desired channel (in .txt or .bin) format.
Then introduce its folder to the application and click at start button.

- PowerVu.HomeEdition is able to use all of your CPU cores at once.
Change the degree of parallelism to lower values if you want to use your system for doing normal tasks.
- I had good results with `16M Sequential Keys Per Each Random Key` option.
- Blocks and Threads: How many keys should be tested sequentially around a given random key? A good choice is 32000 * 512 = ~16M

V 1.9
- Added TS Demuxer (PID extractor). You can use this tool to extract EMM or other PIDs from the given .TS-188 files.
- During the indexing of EMM files, .min text files will be created too. min text files contain unique packets (with smaller sizes, suitable for uploads).
- Added displaying expired UA's count per each indexed file.

V 1.8
- Improved `Decrypt EMM` tool to process emm.key/softcam.key file entries automatically.
- Improved the `Folder Browser Dialog`.

V 1.7
- Added different S-Boxes support.
- Added an option to create all of the probable patterns.
Not all of these patterns are real patterns but it increases the chance of faster collisions when the number of patterns are low.
In this case you will have a lot of false positive reports with more memory usage.

V 1.6
- Increased the pattern size to 9 bytes to reduce the number of false positive keys/hits.
- Added `Test pattern.key file keys` option. You can recover a lot of old false positive reports now.
- Added X86 version. It needs Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (X86 Version)

V 1.5
- Improved patterns recogniton in .bin files.

V 1.4
- Improved the speed of `Tools Tab -> Decrypt EMM Files`.

V 1.3
- Added Tools Tab -> Decrypt EMM Files.

V 1.2
- Added an experimental single ECM and EMM packets BF.

V 1.1.1
- Improved CUDA error reports during startup.
If your application doesn't start, try reinstalling the `Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (X64 Version)`.
Also make sure you have updated your graphics card driver. The current version is `355.60`.

V 1.1
- Added GPU (CUDA) support.
It needs Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (X64 Version)

V 1.0
- First public release.

» Author: BIGMAN_58 Write Email to BIGMAN_58 Homepage from BIGMAN_58 dtd. 05.01.2016
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